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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 00:00

Here we go!

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Again :)

Cowards of WordPress again deleted ALL my files, leaving just empty articles :/
I restored EVERYTHING next day - files, links, over 2GB of data ... and right after that my WP-account was razed.

And so ...

As you see - the new site is almost done. Needs a bit of cosmetics yet.
But everything necessary is installed, set, tested and working well.
Files are also uploaded to theirs places and ready to share ...

So, what's next ?

promienie shineHere comes the summer ...
and i need some rest and fun in the sun.

Fortunately, i don't have to go anywhere, since right now and all the time i AM in such a place, where i can get it all.

So in nearest weeks i'm going to spend most of time on foresting, gardening and such things ... and in a break - will play with the site, means posting articles and other content.

Also, i would like to take care of my music things finally.

To the point :

First, i'll re-post all Manly P. Hall's lectures from my old YouTube channel.
And since i can freely stream audio from here - now after all i got good reason to take my hands on restoring sound quality of these excellent lectures.

Second, i'll also add some flagship documentaries, like the Zeitgeist series, etc.

Third - actually, first of all - still i will leisurely, but consistently fill the Dharma Collection. From the very beginning. But now, probably in more structured manner.

And yet ...

I also have few COOL ideas :)

As i mentioned - now i can stream media.
So i think of moving all my music stuff here. Soon.
I would finally have full control over this ... in one, nice place.

And then ... i could set a radio station! My own :)
And then ... you know ;)

That's not all !

Since this page runs on Joomla! engine, and i personally am a BiG fan and supporter of Open Source - i'm going to use this page also as kind of testing ground for aplications, extensions and new features.

One of them will be Forum. It was always most useful thing on internet for me.
I'm longtime member of (too) many and it already causes pain to manage this.

So why not set own board? That's no problem - here it is.
Problems are Users :)

We'll see ...

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  • Comment Link Ruth Thursday, 27 December 2018 16:55 posted by Ruth

    I have wandered into your site, quite by accident, and it feels like stumbling across an amazing, ancient library set deep inside a lush forest of greenery. I'm looking forward now to that time of my day when nature settles calmly around me and I can take out a book, find a secluded bench and lose myself in its teachings. Thank you so much for giving this to anyone who wants to enrich their life with seeking after wisdom.

  • Comment Link Irina Thursday, 27 December 2018 16:27 posted by Irina

    Thank you! _/\_

  • Comment Link Ks Thursday, 11 January 2018 19:45 posted by Ks

    I Love u and your Site m8! Many thanks

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