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Thursday, 15 January 2015 19:51

Rising from Ashes

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Again :)

Dear Readers !
As for sure you already noticed - poor agents of matrix again ruined my old site.
Unfortunately, i didn't had a time at that moment for making new one, due to other works ...
But with the beginning of new year - Phoenix risen from ashes.
So ... hello hello, i'm back again!

What awaits us?

The year 2015 promises to be very intense for me.
For this i probably will post not so often here in coming days, since i work now on some musical projects ... and also have a few other sites to manage.
I should also start preparing for my trip to India in March this year ... and this is actually quite soon.
Anyway, until then - i'll try to post at least one article a day. Later - i don't know what and how will be ;)

For the time being - i will not bother with the Forum.
Though i'll set it and will keep registrations opened - if enough users comes, then i'll turn it on.

Don't worry!

I already restored all Manly P. Hall's lectures and added few books.
Next i'll be adding some nice rare documentaries.
And of course - still i'll be sharing Buddhist literature and such.
If goes of this - first i'll re-post all that was lost, and then will be adding new books and items.

If 'THEY' don't like what i'm doing (of course, they don't) and again destroy my site - i'll resurrect it very quickly.
There's no method on me :)

 phoenix chinese jian feng

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