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Wednesday, 15 April 2015 20:54

Unique Tenets

Unique Tenets of the Middle Way - coverUnique Tenets
of the Middle Way Consequence School
— by Daniel Cozort

According to Tibetan traditions, the Indian Buddhist Prasangika-Madhyamika school - also known as Middle Way - is the one that represents the final true thought of the Buddha.

Tongkhapa Lobsang Dragpa 1357-1419Unique Tenets of the Middle Way Consequence School  presents and analyzes the issues that separate that school from the other principals schools of Buddhism - issues such as the existence (or non-existence) of an external world the way in which karma and reincarnation operate the nature of consciousness the nature of time and the status of Arhats (enlightened but not omniscient beings).

Parts Two and Three of the book are annotated translations of Tibetan texts that are used as source books in monastic education.

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