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Essence of Clear Light

Note: This is another translation of Mipham's commentary on the Guhyagarbha Tantra - see this article: Luminous Essence.
Includes Tibetan text.

Essence of Clear Light - coverEssence of Clear Light
- An Overview of the Secret Commentary 
Thorough Dispelling of Darkness throughout the Ten Directions 
— by Jamgon Mipham, translated by Lama Chonam and Sangye Khandro

The tantra of the Glorious Secret Essence (the Guhyagarbha Tantra) extracts the essence of the eighteen Mahayoga tantras and is also the general tantra of enlightened mind.

The twenty-two chapters of this tantra describe the three tantras of the ground path and result and explain the topics of tantra needed to perfect the practice.

This commentary on the Secret Essence by Mipham Rinpoche illuminates all the crucial points of the entire path of Secret Mantra Vajrayana.

The teachings contained in Essence of Clear Light  are not only useful for dharma practice in general but are especially applicable for the practice of the three innermost yogas of Secret Mantra.

For that application there are the eleven topics well known throughout the teaching of tantra that are clearly elucidated in this text.

The topics are: the nature as it is, the view immovable, samadhi forsaking the pass, conduct the array, mandala traversing the stages, empowerment not transgressing, samaya pursuing the goal, accomplishment presentation to the places, offerings the manifestation, enlightened activity binding, mudra and recitation, and mantra.

These topics are the crucial points of the path through which the common and supreme siddhis are brought to fruition.

Mandala of Samantabhadra (Nyingma)As Mipham Rinpoche points out in this commentary - if these topics are not understood, then there is no other method through which the final result on the path can be achieved. In brief - this excellent text brings an undeniable understanding that all dualistic phenomena arising from the ignorance of grasping and fixating are primordially pure as the truth of inseparable purity and evenness, or the great dharmakaya.

Aside from realizing this view, there is no other method through which to receive the genuine wisdom transmission of the lineage of the vidyadhara masters. This doctrine of the great secret - the Guhyagarbha Tantra is the heart essence of a million wisdom dakinis and the path that was traversed by the accomplished vidyadharas of India and Tibet.

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Restriction: Anyone interested in reading this text must have received the empowerment of Vajrasattva's Magical Manifestation Matrix for the peaceful and wrathful deities from either the kama or the terma tradition, and must have received the reading transmission.

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