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Thursday, 14 May 2015 21:25

Pointing Out the Great Way

Pointing Out the Great Way - coverPointing Out the Great Way
- The Stages of Meditation in the Mahamudra Tradition
— by Daniel P. Brown

This book is a spiritual manual that describes the Tibetan Buddhist meditation known as mahamudra from the perspective of the 'gradual path'. The gradual path is a progressive process of training that is often contrasted to sudden realization.

As such, this book contains a step-by-step description of the ways to practice, precise descriptions of the various stages and their intended realizations, and the typical problems that arise along with their remedies.

Vajrakilaya VajrakumaraSimply put - Mahamudra meditation involves penetrative focus, free of conceptual elaboration, upon the very nature of conscious awareness.

A unique feature of this book is its integrative approach to the stages of mahamudra meditation. A number of works on Buddhist meditation stages in general and mahamudra meditation in particular are already available in English, yet none, single text or commentary on the stages of mahamudra meditation, captures the inner experience of these stages in sufficient detail to convey its richness.

This book represents the needed alternative by integrating material from a variety of root texts and practical manuals.

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