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Practice of Dzogchen

Practice of Dzogchen - coverThe Practice of Dzogchen
— by Longchen Rabjam
- translated, introduced & anotated by Tulku Thondup

In his masterful introduction to the body of this work, Tulku Thondup covers the three outer and inner tantras, the three divisions of Atiyoga, Dzogchen, and the other yanas and traditions.

This classic collection of texts on the meditation practice and theory of Dzogchen presents the Great Perfection through the writings of its supreme authority - the fourteenth-century Tibetan scholar and visionary Longchenpa.

The pinnacle of Vajrayana practice in the Nyingma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism - Dzogchen - embodies a system of training that awakens the intrinsic nature of the mind to reveal its original essence - utterly perfect and free from all duality - buddha nature, or buddhahood itself.

TapiritzaIn The Practice of Dzogchen , Tulku Thondup translates essential passages from Longchen Rabjam’s voluminous writings to illuminate and clarify this teaching.

He also draws on the works of later masters of the tradition, placing Dzogchen in context both in relation to other schools of Buddhism and in relation to the nine-vehicle outline of the Buddhist path described in the Nyingma tradition.

This is one of the most comprehensive works on the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

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