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Lojong Manual

Concise Lojong Manual - coverA Concise Lojong Manual
— by the 5th Shamarpa Konchok Yenlak

Könchok Yenlak - the 5th Shamarpa, was born in Kyen in the upper region of Kongpo Tibet called Kyen Zhölmo Ché in 1526. He was recognised and reinstated as the 5th Shamar incarnation by The 8th Karmapa - Mikyö Dorje.

Studied extensively with the Eighth Karmapa as well as with the Karmapa’s disciple - Pawo Tsuglag Tengwa, becoming a renowned meditation master and scholar, whose writings filled many volumes.

He received the full transmission of the Kagyu lineage and was empowered by the Karmapa as lineage holder.

5th Shamarpa - Konchog YenlakKönchok Yenlak recognised the Ninth Karmapa and offered him the full lineage. Accompanied by many signs of realisation, he passed away at the age of fifty-seven in 1583.

The 5th Shamarpa is remembered for his tireless bodhisattva activity. He built a number of monasteries and ordained his disciples with great enthusiasm. He composed many memorable treatises, notably on madhyamika, abhidharma, tantric practice, the six yogas of Naropa, mahamudra meditation, and Tibetan language. His collected works are generally presented in eight substantial volumes.

This condensed presentation of the Lojong ("mind training") maxims and explanations is a practical companion book for more extensive commentaries.

The original Tibetan text and its English translation are included, as well as a brief biographical sketch of Shamar Konchok Yenlak.

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