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Seven-Point Mind Training

Seven Point Mind Training - coverThe Seven-Point Mind Training
- A Tibetan Method for Cultivating Mind and Heart
— by B. Alan Wallace

Lojong - the Seven-Point Mind Training - is a thousand-year-old set of Tibetan teachings for cultivating an open mind and a compassionate heart.

In this society, with its hurly-burly pace demanding of our time, it is ever so easy to let life slip by. Looking back after ten, twenty, thirty, years - we wonder what we have really accomplished. The process of simply existing is not necessarily meaningful. And yet there is an unlimited potential for meaning and value in this human existence. The Seven-Point Mind Training is one eminently practical way of tapping into that meaning.

Shakyamuni BuddhaAt the heart of Lojong lies the transformation of the circumstances that life brings us, however hard as the raw material from which we create our own spiritual path - to make the liberating passage from the constricting solitude of self-centeredness to the warm kinship with others which occurs with the cultivation of cherishing others even more than oneself.

This Mind Training is especially well-suited for an active life. It helps us to reexamine our relationships - to family, friends, enemies, and strangers - and gradually transform our responses to whatever life throws our way.

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