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Lojong Teachings

Lojong Teachings - coverLojong Teachings
— by 14th Shamarpa

His Holliness Kunzig Shamar Rinpoche's Commentary on Asanga's Seven-Point Mind-Training.

Asanga (ca 4th century C.E.) was one of the eight greatest saints, sages and authors of classical buddhist India.

AsangaMethods of Lojong are truly remarkable. They not only nullify negativities, but also completely transform them.

We can emulate the masters by making Lojong mind-training a part of our daily practice, thereby gaining positive results in overcoming our own problems.

With the acquired skills, we apply the methods appropriately to the different situations. They work equally well on situations involving individual karma, communal karma, on flawed views based on ego-clinging, on disturbing emotions or any other human failings.

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