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Heart Lamp

Heart Lamp - coverHeart Lamp
- Lamp of Mahamudra and Heart of the Matter
— by Tsele Natsok Rangdrol

This book main idea is that intrinsic to the heart, mind and spirit in every human being is an identical essence which can be realized. This realization makes any man or woman a Buddha.

The focus of this book is the method of how to implement that through a system of training which is of timeless value, and not bound by cultural limitations. The timeless truth it conveys is as meaningful for a Westerner today as it was in India and Tibet.

During the centuries this system of effortless training has been applied by people from all any occupation - tailers and kings, monks and business men - and provided them with a simple method to not only withstand the changes of life but also to transcend them.

Like the waves on an ocean, the ups and downs, joys and sorrows, we meet in our lives can be seen as movements in the ocean, giving true peace and room for caring for others.

Heart Lamp  is unique in that its translator worked closely with several of the most respected meditation masters of recent times and was able to receive knowledge from the "lifeblood" of the living tradition. It is unique in its brevity without losing the depth of a true spiritual lineage the training in which can bring about enlightenment in a single lifetime. And, it is being used as the textbook during meditation retreats around.

Tsele Natsok Rangdröl is renowned in the Kagyu and Nyingma schools of Tibetan Buddhism for his brilliant scholarship, profound exposition, and meditative accomplishment.

VajradharaThe theme of these teachings is that in every person's heart, mind, and spirit there is an identical essence that makes that person a living Buddha. The focus is on how to realize that essence through "effortless" training based on the four techniques. Since the training is unbound by cultural or temporal limitations, the truth the book conveys is as valuable today as it was in centuries past.

This system has been applied by people from many walks of life, giving them a simple method to not only withstand life's challenges but to transcend them.

This redesigned edition of The Heart of the Matter and Lamp of Mahamudra  features illuminating introductions and a new foreword, bringing Rangdröl's timeless message to contemporary seekers.

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