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Ocean of Certainty

Ocean of Certainty - coverNinth Karmapa, Wanchuk Dorje's Ocean of Certainty
— by Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche

Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche's commentary to the sixteenth century work Pith Instructions of Coemergent Wisdom, Entitled the Profound Essence of the Ocean of Certainty , by the Ninth Karmapa - Wangchuk Dorje, provides meditators with an overview of the path leading to the realization of Mahamudra - the self-liberated and all-encompassing nature of reality.

9th Karmapa - Wangchug DorjeBeginning with Ngondro practice, Traleg Rinpoche guides students through the conditions needed to fully integrate the practice, along with instructions for shamatha and vipashyana meditation, including visualizations and exercises.

A section devoted to strengthening practice lays out common pitfalls and wrong views and how to avoid them.

Finally, Rinpoche teaches on the four yogas of mahamudra one-pointedness nonconceptuality, one-flavoredness, and nonmeditation and the ground, path, and fruition of mahamudra in relation to the individual practitioner.

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