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Prayer of Three Jewels

Prayer of Three Jewels - coverPrayer of Three Jewels
— by Khenpo Karsang Tenzin

  1. Prayer of Three Jewels
  2. Medicine Buddha
  3. Sadhana of The 4-Arms White Chenrezig
  4. Aspiration Prayer of Samantabhadra

The following sutras belong to Vajrayana Karma Kagyu Lineage.

  1. Kagyu Refuge TreeThe frequent recitation of the "Prayer of Three Jewels" will enhance the confidence towards the three jewels (i.e. Buddha, Dharma and Sangha), develop renunciations, build up Bodhicitta, accumulate great merits and benefit all sentient beings.
  2. "Medicine Buddha" belongs to the Eastern Tathagata, also known as the Buddha of Lapis Lazuli Light. This ritual requires practitioners to receive Vajra Guru's empowerment and oral transmission teaching. The benefits are to eliminate bad karma and avoid disasters of oneself and other sentient beings, especially sickness, and cause rebirth in the Eastern Pure Land.
  3. This ritual is "The 4-Arms White Chenrezig" practice. Avalokitesvara is the manifestation of all Buddhas' and Bodhisattvas' great compassion who liberates all sentient beings in the six realms from sufferings and helps them to obtain happiness.
  4. "Aspiration Prayer of Samantabhadra" - Bodhisattva Samantabhadra is special and sacred among all Bodhisattvas due to his vows and powerful aspirations. According to the sutra, "As far as the limits of space, as far as the limits of sentient beings' karma and delusions, as far as all limits extends, may my aspiration prayers extend as well."
    — Khenpo Karsang Tenzin

In the past ten years, Khenpo Karsang Tenzin has been traveling in South East Asia and European countries spreading dharma and establishing an internet library. He said: "I will apply all my experience in upgrading myself, doing research and translation work. In addition, I will also introduce the essence and positivity of Buddhism to foreign countries."

Released Date: 2013-02-25

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