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Excellent Buddhism

Excellent Buddhism - coverExcellent Buddhism
- An Exemplary Life
— by Kalu Rinpoche

A compilation of biographical reminiscences on Kalu Rinpoche, teachings on daily life, inspiring stories on Buddhist practitioners of the past, and reflections on the relationship between Buddhism and the West.

Included in this book are the details of Kalu Rinpoche's last moments before his death and the story of his reincarnation, plus inspiring selections of his extraordinary teachings from around the world supplemented by anecdotes and stories.

This volume is part of a series of three books devoted to Tibetan Buddhism as seen through the teachings of one of the most revered masters of modern times - Kalu Rinpoche.

The complete three-volume work is composed of:

  1. Excellent Buddhism
  2. Profound Buddhism
  3. Secret Buddhism

The first volume - Excellent Buddhism - contains a number of biographical documents on Kalu Rinpoche, notably the remarkable memories of Lama Gyaltsen. The first volume also contains teachings dealing more specifically with daily life and with the relationship between Buddhism and the West.

The second volume - Profound Buddhism - presents the teachings on Hinayana and Mahayana as esoteric aspects of Buddhism. Profound Buddhism expounds on the absolute nature of mind, emptiness, and compassion; dealing with conflicting emotions; the situation of the individual in the cycle of existence; and karma.

Finally, the third volume - Secret Buddhism - reveals the principles of Vajrayana, mantras, empowerments, the six yogas of Naropa, and so on. It includes important chapters on the bardo (the period of time between death and rebirth), Tibetan medicine, and initiation lineages.

White TaraKalu Rinpoche - Lama of Light, came to France for the first time in 1971. Tibet, an inaccessible stronghold of highest spirituality, had remained separate up to this time, on the grounds that the rest of the world could not understand her. Kalu Rinpoche, then almost 70 years old, was the first, despite the skepticism of the majority of his peers, to believe that Tibetan Buddhism could have an impact in the West.

History proved that he was right. He taught many people during numerous trips until his death in 1989. A great number of them were captivated by his charismatic radiance and set out on the path of liberation. Kalu Rinpoche is no longer with us, but the wealth, depth, and diversity of his recorded teachings remain.

Unfortunately, these recordings are not accessible to the public. Not only is the lamp kept in the dark, but this treasury runs the risk of becoming lost. Reflecting on this situation, Lama Gyaltsen, who was for 40 years Rinpoche's servant and then his secretary, asked us to collect and edit all the available teachings of Kalu Rinpoche.

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