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Saturday, 19 December 2015 09:23

Life of Milarepa

Life of Milarepa - coverThe Life of Milarepa
— by Tsang Nyon Heruka

One of the most beloved stories of the Tibetan people and a great literary example of the contemplative life.

MilarepaThe Life of Milarepa  - a biography and a dramatic tale from a culture now in crisis - can be read on several levels.

A personal and moving introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, it is also a detailed guide to the search for liberation.

It presents a quest for purification and buddhahood in a single lifetime, tracing the path of a great sinner who became a great saint - Milarepa.

It is also a powerfully evocative narrative, full of magic, miracles, suspense, and humor, while reflecting the religious and social life of medieval Tibet.

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