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Mother of Knowledge

Mother of Knowledge - coverMother of Knowledge
- The Enlightenment of Yeshe Tsogyal
— by Namkhai Nyingpo

Biography of Yeshe Tsogyal - the closest disciple of Padmasambhava - written by one of her fellow disciples.

The book tells the dramatic story of her flight from home, her life as a queen of Tibet, the stages of her spiritual training, and her enlightened accomplishments.

A tribute to the most revered woman of the Nyingma lineage, this spiritual biography recounts Yeshe Tsogyal's dramatic life, her rigorous spiritual training, and her enlightened attainments as Tibet's foremost female teacher.

Mother of Knowledge  was written in the eighth century by her contemporary, Nammkhai Nyingpo, a co-disciple of Padmasambhava, to document the devotion, courage, and perseverance that empowers spiritual practice and illustrates the blessings of enlightenment.

Detailing obstacles and trials encountered in the course of spiritual transformation, Mother of Knowledge  provides a model of the attitudes and actions that make it possible for students today to benefit from a teacher's guidance.

Miraculous events heralded the birth of the great yogini. By the time Yeshe Tsogyal was twelve years old, she was so beautiful that suitors from all parts of Tibet had come to demand her hand in marriage. Her parents, afraid to provoke the wrath of one of the powerful lords, decided to send the girl away. The girl awoke to the realities of being a woman in an unenlightened land, but when King Trisong Detsen took her as one of his queens, her suffering ended. Noting her wish for a religious life, the King allowed her to become Guru Padmasambhava's consort and disciple.

Yeshe TsogyalThus at the age of sixteen, Yeshe Tsogyal became the disciple of the Great Guru Padmasambhava, revered as the greatest tancric master of all time. Under his guidance, she mastered the teachings of the Sutras and the sastras. As her understanding increased, she became able to receive the full teachings: What the master knew, she knew - nothing was held back.

The most important woman in the Nyingma lineage, Yeshe Tsogyal exemplifies the special wisdom, compassion, and energizing power of the female energy. She received all of Padmasambhava's teachings and was instrumental in transmitting them to future generations.

A rediscovered Terma text. Adopted for courses at five universities. Includes full color thankas, line drawings, map, and glossary. This text demonstrates the qualities and attitudes essential for the pursuit of the Vajrayana.

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