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Straight From the Heart

Straight from the Heart - coverStraight From the Heart
- Buddhist Pith Instructions
— by Karl Brunnholzl

This book brings together an inspiring collection of Buddhist teachings, songs of realization, meditation instructions, and enlightened poetry all chosen for their power to speak directly to the student.

Drawn from Indian Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism as well as from all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, some will impress with their beautiful poetry and powerful imagery, others with their profound power of instruction.

Still others share personal advice for life that seems to come directly from the mouth of the author, and some serve as immediate and profound practice instructions. Several are just delightfully unconventional, even outrageous, letting in fresh air on petrified views or musty traditions.

BhavachakraMost of them are simply unknown precious gems, which deserve a wider audience.

Each of the works is preceded by a brief introduction and a short biography of its author.

Many of these are legendary accounts of supernatural feats edifying examples for students on the same spiritual path, meant to expand their limited outlook with "mind-blowing" stories.

Miraculous deeds, magnificent songs, and pithy instructions distinguish this collection assembled by the Buddhist scholar and translator Karl Brunnhölzl, whose years of work among dharma texts and his skill as a translator yield a rich mine of teachings all chosen for their ability to speak directly to the heart.

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