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Buddhist Ethics

Buddhist Ethics - coverBuddhist Ethics
— by Jamgon Kongtrul
- The Treasury of Knowledge - Volume 3 — Book 5

Spiritual growth in a Buddhist context is a process of discovering a perfect quality that is already within us.

Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye (1813-1899) - a pivotal figure in eastern Tibet's nonsectarian movement - was one of the most outstanding writers and teachers of his time.

In Tibetan religious literature, Jamgon Kongtrul's Treasury of Knowledge  in ten volumes stands out as a unique encyclopedic masterpiece embodying the entire range of Buddhist teachings as it was preserved in Tibet.

Jamgon KongtrulThis volume (Book Five) Buddhist Ethics  - is considered by many scholars to be the heart of this series. Provides a clearly structured and lucid exposition of the qualities of spiritual teachers and their students, as well as of the ethical systems of Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana Buddhism.

Kongtrul explains here the complete code of personal liberation as it applies to both monastic and lay persons, the precepts for those aspiring to the life of a bodhisattva, and the exceptional pledges for practitioners on the tantric path of pure perception.

An incredible resource for all serious students of Tibetan Buddhism.

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