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Thursday, 05 May 2016 12:11

Hidden Teachings of Tibet

Hidden Teachings of Tibet - coverHidden Teachings of Tibet
- An Explanation of the Terma Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
— by Tulku Thondup

In all religions, sacred texts and objects have appeared miraculously. Among the most remarkable of these revelatory traditions is the terma tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

Termas herald a fresh opportunity for the renewal of spiritual practice. Here Tulku Thondup tells the story of the terma treasure tradition initiated by Padmasambhava - the ninth-century saint who established Buddhism in Tibet.

Guru DrakpoTulku Thondup Rinpoche is the author of The Healing Power of the Mind.  He has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University, and currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hidden Teachings of Tibet  is a superb outline of the secret Terma tradition. It is erudite, comprehensive, and full of scholarship and insight, yet at the same time is approachable and offers a good overview of Vajrayana as well as specific information on the Termas.

It is well-presented and illustrated, and is a title you will read more than once. This is a lot of wisdom packed within its 300 pages.

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