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Wednesday, 25 May 2016 19:10

Great Stupa and Lotus-Born Guru

Legend of the Great Stupa - coverThe Legend of the Great Stupa & The Life Story of the Lotus Born Guru
- Two Termas from the Nyingma Tradition
— by Padmasambhava & Yeshe Tsogyal

This is a translation of two texts related by the Great Guru. 

It tells the wondrous story of the oldest stupa in the world at Boudhnath, Kathmandu, and also relates the concise biography of Padmasambhava.

The first text is a deeply symbolic allegory of the power of devotion that enabled an impoverished poultry woman to build a great stupa to the previous Buddha, Kasyapa.

Although constructed in Nepal, this Stupa is closely linked to Tibet, for the sons of the poultry woman took vows to establish the Dharma in the Land of Snow.

Stupa - buddhist reliquaryIn lives to come, they would be reborn as the great Guru Padmasambhava, King Trisong Detsen, and Abbot Shantarakshita, who worked together to found Samye - the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet.

The "Life Story" that follows relates the principal events in the life of Padmasambhava, describing the founding of Samye, the teachings given to the twenty-five disciples, the concealment of the treasure texts, and the predictions for their later recovery. It was published to generate faith in the power of devotion and awaken appreciation for the blessings of the Great Guru, the "Second Buddha" who dispels negativity and upholds the Dharma even in the darkest times of the kaliyuga.

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