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Repeating the Words

Repeating the Words of the Buddha - coverRepeating the Words of the Buddha
— by Tulku Urgyen

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche (1920-1996) was among Tibetan Buddhism’s greatest masters of the 20th century, and pivotal in bringing the highest Buddhist teachings to the West. In 1980, when he first came to the West, he was among the first Tibetan masters to teach the most essential instructions of Dzogchen beyond Tibet. From that time until his death he gave vital oral instructions to thousands of Buddhist students from the world over. His writings provide a glimpse into the influences and experiences that shaped the man whose simplicity and humility attracted an immense cross-section of humanity. He is also the author of As It Is , Vajra Speech , and Rainbow Painting.

Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche spent many years in retreat, assimilating the teachings within his experience. He spoke with humor and true understanding, expressing plainly and simply what he himself had undergone. Consequently, his teachings are uniquely accessible, with a powerfully beneficial impact on those who hear or read his words.

This book - a selection of his oral and written teachings - spells out the essential points of spiritual practice and leads readers along the same path they would follow in the presence of a master.

Buddha in the Deer ParkThrough direct, pithy instructions, students are encouraged to question the master repeatedly, while at the same time processing their own experiences.

Representing the heart of Rinpoche's teachings, Repeating the Words of the Buddha  shows that the enlightened essence is present within the mind of any sentient being, and that it can be recognized by all who seek it.

In this book, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche unfolds the path to enlightenment, which is simply the gradual uncovering of the awakened state already present in us. With the benevolence and brilliance of a realized being, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche illustrates in a lucid, humorous fashion the essential points of spiritual practice and explains, in his unique straightforward manner how these are to be applied in our everyday life.

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