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Life of the Buddha

Life of the Buddha - coverThe Life of the Buddha
- According to the Pali Canon
— by Bhikkhu Nanamoli

Bhikkhu Nanamoli (Osbert Moore) was born in England in 1905 and graduated from Exeter College, Oxford. In 1948 he came to Sri Lanka to be ordained as a monk. During his eleven years as a monk he translated some of the most difficult texts of Theravada Buddhism, including the definitive translation of The Path of Purification  (Visuddhimagga), considered an outstanding achievement of scholarship.

The Life of the Buddha  is composed entirely of texts from the Pali canon. This unique biography presents the oldest authentic record of the Buddha’s life, his revolutionary philosophy and solution for humanity that leads to the end of ill will, craving and delusion.

Buddha - life seriesThough born a prince surrounded by luxuries, Gotama the Buddha transformed by realizing that no one escapes unhappiness. He spent the remainder of his lite discovering, then imparting, the answer to the great question: "Is there a way out of the cycle of suffering?"

The ancient texts are rendered here in a language marked by lucidity and dignity, and a framework of narrators and voices connect the canonical texts.

Drawn from the oldest written record, the vivid recollections of his personal attendant Ananda and other disciples bring the reader into the Buddha's presence, where his example offers profound inspiration and guidance on the path to freedom.

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