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A Clear Mirror

A Clear Mirror - coverA Clear Mirror
- The Visionary Autobiography of a Tibetan Master
— Traktung Dudjom Lingpa

Personal memoirs are not uncommon in Tibetan Buddhism, but A Clear Mirror  offers an unusual variation: three levels of spiritual teachings, conveying outer, inner, and subtle aspects of wisdom, that give readers full access to the rich life of one of Vajrayana Buddhism's most respected figures.

Dudjom Lingpa (1835–1904) was a Tibetan visionary and Great Perfection master, or tertön, a revealer of spiritual treasures called terma hidden in the Earth and in the minds of disciples. Dujdom Lingpa is renowned for his revelations on "refining perception" or Nang Jang, and, through dream yoga, trance, and visions, for transmitting the "mindstream" of a number of enlightened spiritual beings, such as Sri Singha, Saraha, Vajradhara, and Manjushri, whose wisdom he received and shares in this book.

A Clear Mirror  reveals what high lamas regard as most sacred and intimate: spiritual evolution via the lens of an innermost visionary life. Lingpa recounts each step of his own enlightenment process - from learning how to meditate to the highest tantric practices - as he experienced them.

Dudjom LingpaA Clear Mirror  is a spiritual adventure that also incorporates everyday meditation advice, designed for the lay reader as well as the more seasoned practitioner, in this evocative original translation.

A Clear Mirror  is the autobiographical account of a saint, a genius, a virtuoso who has granted readers what is most rare in personal accounts: full access to his incredible inner life. Dudjom Lingpa grants readers access to his enlightenment process - from learning how to meditate up to the highest tantric practices - as only he could have experienced it.

This book, filled with vivid and fascinating visions and dreamscapes, is replete with adventure as well as everyday meditation advice. Anyone interested in a revolutionary outlook on personal transformation will enjoy and benefit from these stories.

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