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Monday, 24 October 2016 10:02

Three Codes

Three Codes - coverA Clear Differentiation of the Three Codes
- Essential Distinctions Among the Individual Liberation, Great Vehicle, and Tantric Systems
— by Sakya Pandita

This work presents the first English translation of the sDom gsum rab dbye - one of the most famous and controversial doctrinal treatises of Tibetan Buddhism.

Written by Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltshen (1182 1251) - a founder of the Sakya school and one of Tibet s most learned sages - the Three Codes  strongly influenced subsequent religious and intellectual traditions in Tibet and sparked a number of long-lasting doctrinal and philosophical disputes, some of which persist today.

Sakya Pandita Kunga GyaltsenIn the Three Codes , Sakya Pandita discusses the Hinayana, Mahayana, and Tantric vows of Buddhist conduct, which often diverge and contradict each other. He criticizes, on at least one point or another, later practitioners of almost every lineage, including the Kadampa, Kagyupa, and Nyingmapa, for contradicting the original teachings of their own traditions.

The Three Codes , together with his epistles, provides ready access to one of the pivotal scholastic polemic works of Tibetan Buddhism. Sakya Pandita offers a remarkable lens upon a culture struggling to define what authentic appropriation of Buddhist thought and practice from other cultures should entail, pointedly criticizing opposing systems that represent other Tibetan attempts at such appropriation.

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