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Friday, 23 December 2016 17:59

Hundred Verses of Advice

100 Verses of Advice - coverThe Hundred Verses of Advice
- of Padampa Sangye
— by Dilgo Khyentse

Tibetan Buddhist Teachings on What Matters Most.

This commentary on Padampa Sangye's classic verses of advise to Tibetan villagers of Tingri - by renowned and beloved meditation master Dilgo Khyentse - offers guidance for people trying to lead a dharmic life in the workaday world.

These hundred verses, studied for centuries by Tibetans and students of Buddhism, contain a complete survey of the Tibetan Buddhist path.

Chenrezig - Gyalwa GyatsoDilgo Khyentse's lively explication of each stanza brings to light subtleties and amplifies the richness of the words and their pertinence to our lives.

Padampa Sangye was an eleventh-century Indian yogi and spiritual master (known also as Kamalashila) who traveled widely throughout his life and brought Indian Buddhist teachings to China and Tibet.

These two venerable teachers advise us in relating to everyday difficulties such as loneliness, craving, family squabbles, competition in business, disagreements with neighbors, and betrayal by friends - as challenging to us as they have been to meditators for centuries.

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