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Gateway to Knowledge

Gateway to Knowledge - The Gate for Entering the Way of a Pandita — by Jamgon Mipham

Ju Mipham RinpocheThe Tibetan master - Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche (1846–1912) was a student of Jamgon Kongtrul, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, and Paltrul Rinpoche. His chief disciple was Shechen Gyaltsab Pema Namgyal. He was blessed by Manjushri - the full accomplished Buddha of wisdom.

His work is an exceptional treasure of wisdom, compassion, and scholarship. His accomplishments in practice, learning, composition, and teaching are immense. Mipham Rinpoche became one of the greatest scholars of his time and his collected works fill more than thirty volumes.

The Gateway to Knowledge  is a condensation of the Tripitaka and its accompanying commentaries. Consolidating the intent of Buddha Shakyamuni's teachings into a unified body of textbooks, it is the philosophical backbone of the living tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

This rich source book embodies the basics of Prajnaparamita and Madhyamika as well as Abhidharma from both the Mahayana and Hinayana perspectives.

Volume 1

Gateway to Knowledge vol 1 - coverGateway to Knowledge - Vol I — by Jamgon Mipham


1. The Aggregates
2. The Elements
3. The Sense-sources
4. Interdependence
5. The Correct and the Incorrect
6. The Faculties
7. Time

Volume I elucidates the Ten Topics (don bcu) as well as the [four] truths, the [three] vehicles, and conditioned things and unconditioned things.

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Volume 2

Gateway to Knowledge vol 2 - coverGateway to Knowledge - Vol II — by Jamgon Mipham


  8. The Truth of Suffering
  9. The Truth of Origin: Karma
10. The Truth of Origin: Disturbing Emotions
11. The Truth of Cessation
12. The Truth of Path: The Five Paths
13. The Truth of Path: Classifications
14. The Two Truths


Volume II elucidates the Four Noble Truths.

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Volume 3

Gateway to Knowledge vol 3 - coverGateway to Knowledge - Vol III — by Jamgon Mipham


15. Learnedness in the Vehicles: The Mundane Vehicles
16. Hinayana: The Shravaka and Pratyekabuddha Vehicles
17. Mahayana: The Superiority of Mahayana
18. The Path of Mahayana: The Eighty Inexhaustibles
19. Buddha-nature
20. The Journey of Mahayana
21. Buddhahood
22. The Conditioned and the Unconditioned

Volume III elucidates the Mahayana and emptiness. Contains explanations on the five skandhas, the Hinayana and Mahayana, Buddha Nature and the conditioned and unconditioned.

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Volume 4

Gateway to Knowledge vol 4 - coverGateway to Knowledge - Vol IV — by Jamgon Mipham


PART ONE: The Four Seals of the Dharma
23. All Conditioned Things are Impermanent
24. Everything Defiling is Suffering
25. Nirvana is Peace
26. All Phenomena are Empty and Devoid of Self-entity

PART TWO: The Four Right Discriminations
27. Right Discrimination of Meaning and Dharma
28. Right Discrimination of Definitive Words 


PART THREE: Right Discrimination of Ready Speech 
29. The Four Reasonings 
30. The Four Reliances 

Volume IV of this rich source book elucidates The Four Seals of the Dharma, which are that all conditioned things are impermanent, everything defiling is suffering, nirvana is peace, and all phenomena are empty and devoid of self-entity. It also includes the four right discriminations, which are meaning, Dharma, definitive words, and ready speech as well as the four reasonings that have been taught in the sutras: 1) the principle of efficacy, 2) the principle of dependence, 3) the principle of reality, and 4) the principle of valid proof and the four reliances.

This volume includes the Tibetan text and the English translation on facing pages.

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The student of the Gateway to Knowledge  can begin to comprehend the meaning of the major works on Buddhist philosophy and of the traditional sciences. When you want to extract their meaning you need and "expert system", a key. The Gateway to Knowledge  is like that key, a magical key - it opens up the treasury of precious gemstones in the expansive collection of Buddhist scriptures.