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Heart Practices

Gruru's Heart Practices - coverGuru's Heart Practices
- Texts for Dispeller of Obstacles
— by Padmasambhava

This book contains the essential texts for the Guru practices of Padmasambhava, according to the Dispeller of Obtacles  cycle.

These unique hidden treasures are a revelation with a rich history.

Padmasambhava This extensive cycle contains teachings and practices for the preliminaries up to and including Dzogchen.

Linking to a fresh treasure has the power to imbue us with hot and juicy blessings that invigorate our being and generate profound devotion and joy. Just as we prefer to have fresh food, the treasure teachings revealed with the 'short lineage' are endowed with a very special quality that has not been interpolated by anyone else, but has come directly from Padmasambhava by means of one of his disciples appearing as a present-day incarnation.

The teaching is then spread to people for their immediate practice.

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