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Monday, 11 December 2017 16:14

Gangama Mahamudra

Tilopa's Mahamudra Upadesha - coverTilopa's Mahamudra Upadesha
- The Gangama Instructions With Commentary
— by Sangyes Nyenpa

An explanation of the Indian Mahasiddha Tilopa's renowned Gangama Mahamudra  meditation instructions, given in a traditional Tibetan context by one of its lineage's most accomplished contemporary masters.

These ancient instructions, in the form of a "song of realization", are the original source for all Mahamudra lineages of meditation.

All lineages of Mahamudra meditation have their source in a verse teaching - a "song of realization" - sung by the Mahasiddha Tilopa to his disciple Naropa on the banks of the Ganges River more than a thousand years ago.

Since that time the meaning of the instructions has been passed directly from master to disciple in a continuous transmission lineage that exists unbroken to this day.

Tiopa as Vajradhara with ConsortMahamudra meditation, while highly advanced, is yet simple and practical because what is identified and meditated upon is the very essence of one's own mind.

This book offers the reader a window into the oral transmission of these instructions, given in a traditional Tibetan context by one of the Kagyu lineage's most learned and accomplished contemporary masters.

The instructions are ideal for Westerners because the root text is manageable and Sangyes Nyenpa Rinpoche has provided an outline of his own composition that makes it easily understandable.

He explains terminology with frequent comparisons between Dzogchen and Mahamudra, quotes prolifically from scripture, gives clear examples, and generally cajoles, admonishes, and encourages his listeners to be true to their own spiritual path.

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