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Garuda in Flight

Note: There is a book of the same title and by the same author, but very different translation/compilation. Take a look Here.

Flight of the Garuda - coverFlight of the Garuda
- A Complete Explanation of Thorough Cut by Zhabkar
— translated by PKTC

This is a series of twenty-three songs sung by the Dzogchen master Shabkar Tshogdrug Rangdrol (1781–1850 C.E.) for the sake of his students. The songs explain the practice called Thorough Cut (Trekcho), which is one of the two innermost practices of Dzogchen or Great Completion. Tshogdrug Rangdrol, who is more commonly known as Shabkar, later compiled the songs into a text. Over time, this text became one of the most popular texts used to explain Thorough Cut because of its complete and very clear treatment of the practice.

Red GarudaShabkar went further and made Flight of the Garuda into the first of a trilogy of texts. The other two texts in the trilogy explain the second innermost practice of Dzogchen, called Direct Crossing (Thogal). These two texts are not included in this book, though a clear explanation of all three texts in the trilogy is given in the introduction. Note that the second text of the trilogy is essentially the famous text by Jigme Lingpa Guidebook called Highest Wisdom (Triyig Yeshe Lama) re-arranged by Shabkar and put into verse. Jigme Lingpa's text is available in English through PKTC, which means that there is way to obtain the content of the second text of the trilogy without it being translated into English. The third text of the trilogy contains personal instructions on Thogal which were meant for Shabkar's students and which might not be suitable for publication in English.

The translation here is a fresh translation of Flight of the Garuda which improves considerably on two earlier translations. The translation was made by Lama Tony Duff in Tibet, while receiving an extended teaching on the entire text by the great treasure revealer Ontrul Tenpa'i Wangchuk. The translation benefits from the exceptional knowledge and high realization of this master and the general atmosphere of pure blessings of the Nyingthig Dzogchen (Quintessential Great Completion) tradition in his retreat centre.

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Warning! — This text is secret and should not be shown to those who have not had the necessary introduction and instructions of the Thorough Cut system of meditation. If you have not had the necessary instructions, reading this text can be harmful to your spiritual health! Seal! Seal! Seal!

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