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Great Chariot

Longchenpa's Great Chariot - coverThe Introduction To The Commentary On The Great Perfection
· The Nature Of Mind, The Easer Of Weariness Called The Great Chariot
— by Longchenpa

Dzogchen or ati is the tradition that this teaching is part of, and also its fruition. A basic understanding of the titles is that samsara involves suffering and weariness. The view that sees the nature of mind, practicing meditation, and regarding activity from the viewpoint of all things being illusory are means of easing weariness or relaxing tension. The result of doing so is resting in the great perfection.

LongchenpaThe three means regarded from the viewpoint of the great perfection produce the fruition. If they are samsarically regarded they are part of the problem. The Sanskrit offered for sems nyid - is citta , whose primary meaning is mind in the conceptual sense, the very thing that needs to be eased. In the same way meditation as the notion that our being is intrinsically bad and needs to be made into something else is a problem. Illusion in the sense of clinging to confused views and goals is a problem.

This points out a central point of ati , that this very world of samsara is the world of nirvana, when we relax our confused fixations about it and stop struggling with the projects that confusion suggests of saving ourselves and the world from spiritual degradation. ~ Excerpt from intro

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