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Monday, 30 April 2018 00:32

Great Image

Great Image - coverThe Great Image
- The Life Story of Vairochana the Translator
— compiled by Yudra Nyingpo
· translated by Ani Jinba Palmo

The great translator Vairotsana (or Vairochana) - crown ornament of all the Indian and Tibetan scholars, who was equal in realization and accomplishment to the second buddha from Oddiyana, extended the life force of the Buddhist teachings and living beings in Tibet in one lifetime.

Vairotsana with Yudra Nyingpo and other disciplesThis book is the autobiography of the great scholar and translator Vairochana, as told to a group of his students near the end of his life in the eighth century.

Responsible for bringing seminal Buddhist teachings to Tibet from India, his deep understanding of the Dharma was what enabled him to translate the essence of enlightened mind, conveyed in the Sanskrit texts, with great accuracy.

We should read biographies of sublime beings and ponder their qualities in order to receive their blessings and go beyond time and space as they have done.

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