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Thursday, 17 May 2018 16:17

Vajrasattva Tantra

Great Tantra of Vajrasattva - coverThe Great Tantra of Vajrasattva
- Equal to the End of the Sky
— translated by Christopher Wilkinson

This is a Tantra of the Great Perfection tradition of Buddhism, and is a thorough presentation of instantaneous enlightenment, translated from a Tibetan manuscript first translated into Tibetan in the 8th Century by Vairotsana Rakshita.

VairotsanaThe Great Tantra of Vajrasattva  is a Root Tantra of the Space Section. It is also one of the earliest translations into Tibetan.

The literature of the Great Perfection is divided into three sections:

· The Mind Section
· The Space Section
· The Upadesha instruction Section

The text itself is beautiful, poetic, and full of life, conveying the principle of instantaneous enlightenment in a way that will engage you.

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