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Dakini Laughter

Longchen Nyingthig Chod Practice - coverLongchen Nyingthig Chod Practice
"Sound of Dakini Laughter"
— by Tony Duff

Liturgy by Jigmey Lingpa,
Profound instructions by Patrul,
Commentary by author.

Longchen Nyingthig contains a text for Chod practice which Jigmey Lingpa received as mind treasure from Longchenpa. The text consists of an explanation of the practice and liturgy for it. It is popularly known by its Tibetan name "khadro gayjang" or "Sound of Dakini Laughter".

This book contains a fresh translation of the text, one which is accurate yet maintains the rhythms and poetry of the Tibetan original. The text assumes a high level of understanding of the system and its terminology. Therefore, the most popular commentary to the text, by Dza Patrul, has also been included. It explains the visualizations of the practice and makes some very important comments about the right and wrong way to practice Chod.

Yeshe Tsogyal - longchen nyingthig terma cycle - initiation cardJigmey Lingpa's text contains much which is not explained in Dza Patrul's text. Therefore, the author was encouraged by several lineage holding gurus to write a long commentary that would explain the whole text in a way that would make it accessible to English speakers.

The commentary - the first true commentary to this text written by a qualified Western teacher - has also been included. The book also includes carefully edited editions of the Tibetan texts.

The extensive introduction contains a very interesting discussion of the differences between general Chod and Nyingthig Chod making the book of special interest to all Chod practitioners. The book will also be of special interest to all Longchen Nyingthig practitioners and of general interest to all Dzogchen practitioners.
— From back cover

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