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Monday, 24 December 2018 07:22

Crystal Mirror

Crystal Mirror - coverThe Crystal Mirror
- Clearly Showing All The Steps 
By Which The Path Of Liberation Is
Traversed In This Fortunate Kalpa 
— by Kalu Rinpoche

This work contains teaching on the Kagyu Mahamudra preliminary practices, given by Rinpoche during the Kalachakra initiation in the early eighties in New York.

1000-arms ChenrezigBefore his fourth visit to the United States in 1982, which he made by way of Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan and Canada, His Holiness 16th Karmapa urged Kalu Rimpoche to give the Kalachakra initiation in New York City.

In agreeing to perform in public the greatest cycle of tantric initiations that can be so performed, Kalu Rimpoche brings his work in North America to a new level, which will undoubtedly be marked, as all his previous efforts on behalf of sentient beings have been, by unfailing generosity, and by unyielding truthfulness to the tradition he embodies.

"I have presented these brief introductory explanations of Buddhadharma from a sincere wish to benefit those who have faith in and devotion to these teachings. I would ask everyone to take them to heart and to apply them." ~ Kalu Rinpoche
— Excerpt from Intro

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