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Mahamudra and Dzogchen

Meditation Differently - coverMeditation Differently
- Phenomenological-psychological Aspects of Tibetan Buddhist (Mahamudra and sNying-thig) Practices
from Original Tibetan Sources
— by Herbert V. Guenther

Despite the interest in meditation, few works have studied what meditation means within the original traditions.

Padmasambhava (Longchen Nyingtig tradition)Meditation Differently  presents a translation of an important Tibetan work which contrasts and compares two central traditions of Buddhist meditative practice - the Mahamudra and the Dzogchen - particularly the Nyingthig version.

This translation is supplemented by a detailed commentary based on original Tibetan sources by Dr. Guenther - an eminent scholar of Buddhism and modern thought.

This critical commentary is a hermeneutical and phenomenological study of the key ideas in the understanding of being and experience, utilizing developments in modern thinking to bring out the nuances of Buddhist thinking.
— From back cover

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