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Tantric View of Life - coverTantric View of Life
— by Herbert V. Guenther

In this work the author offers a major contribution towards the understanding of Tantric Buddhism. The meaning of Tantra is clearly defined and the philosophy and practice of Tantra is presented in depth.

A Preface, Introduction, and eight chapters on the significance of Tantra in India and Tibet. Includes "Karmamudra and Jnanamudra in Art".

Vajradhara with ConsortLight is shed on the dilemmas of human sexuality and its potential for transforming our experience and our awareness of ourselves and the world. A valuable discussion is also included of the relationship of Tantrism to aesthetics and the fine arts, and the role of art in manifesting Being.

Herbert Vighnāntaka Günther (March 17, 1917 – March 11, 2006) was Professor and Head of the Department of Far Eastern Studies at the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, Canada), and one of the first translators of Tibetan Vajrayana and Dzogchen teachings into English.
— From back cover

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