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Teachings of Padmasambhava

The Teachings of Padmasambhava - coverThe Teachings of Padmasambhava
— by Herbert V. Guenther

This study explores the ideas of the enigmatic and controversial visionary, known as Padmasambhava. It takes as its starting point a unique and hitherto untouched source: Padmasambhava's writings preserved in the rNying-ma rgyud-'bum  that remain excluded from the standard editions of the Tibetan Tanjur collections to this day.

Padmasambhava - Guru RinpocheThe first chapter explains Padmasambhava's holistic background that reflects an anthropocosmic worldview.

The second chapter deals with the problem of how this anthropocosmic whole becomes enworlded as samsara and of how the enworlded experiencer disentangles himself from it and regains his original wholeness.

The third chapter assesses Padmasambhava's psychological insights and their hermeneutical interpretations.

In this study, Herbert Guenther discloses the mind of one of the greatest spiritual geniuses in human history - Padamasambhava - wanderer, mystic, and one of the original founders of Tibetan Buddhism.

Here his teachings step out from obscurity to speak with a wonderful clarity. In them is found a surprisingly postmodern portrait of how process dynamics self-organize to construct and "light up" our worlds of experience.

— From the inside flap

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