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Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths - coverThe Four Noble Truths
— by Venerable Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche

This discussion lays out the complete path on how to totally purify and uproot the causes of suffering and to attain Enlightenment. Of particular importance is the study and practice of Bodhicitta (the mind of Enlightenment).

This mind embraces the universal loving-kindness, wisdom and compassion to all sentient beings and no one is neglected. We do not have any enemy. This gives us every comfort, inspiration, courage and mental power to go through whatever difficulties we face in order to purify all our obscurations and to reveal the true nature of all phenomena.

Everybody admires and appreciates those who possess that mind no matter who they are. Everybody would like to stay close to them, even animals feel calm and peace. So, it becomes the source to harmony and peace. Buddhist or non-buddhist has to practice Bodhicitta in order to achieve peace and harmony in their mind because it is universal. We are grown up out of the kindness of father, mother, brothers and sisters. If we are not grown up under such kind of conditions, our mind is damaged. It is therefore very important for us to make effort, plant and let grow those qualities in our own mind.

Buddha under Bodhi TreeThis is the wealth that we can accumulate life after life. Ordinary wealth that we have in this life we cannot carry with us. When we die, we have to go with empty hands. So cultivating the Bodhicitta mind is the best investment and the best way of making effort in this life. It is such a best friend, the best friend that we can find in our lives who give us comfort and strength.

At this moment, we may not have the ability to help others but at least we generate this altruistic thought. First, we generate and practice that thought in our own mind. Then step by step when we have achieved some good qualities, we share with others as much as we can both for the welfare of others and for our own progress. The journey on the path may be long, but when we gradually see that our negative thoughts, and negative, afflictive emotions are becoming less and less powerful and the mind is becoming clearer and we are more sincere to ourselves and others, then we are progressing on the path. Step by step without expectation, practice with patience, confidence, devotion and perseverance, sooner or later, all our obscurations and the causes of suffering will be exhausted. It is just a matter of time.

— Excerpt ftom the book

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