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Nature of Reality

Maps of the Profound - coverMaps of the Profound
- Jam-Yang-Shay-Ba's Great Exposition
of Buddhist and Non-Buddhist Views on the Nature of Reality
— by Jeffrey Hopkins

Maps of the Profound  is a monumental achievement. Drawing on a lifetime's experience with leading figures in Tibetan oral scholarly traditions, Jeffrey Hopkins presents the most comprehensive and detailed exploration available of Tibetan tenet systems.

This book contains a short translation of the terse root verses of the late Gelukpa work Great Exposition of Tenets  by the quintessential Tibetan Buddhist scholastic author Jam-Yang-Shay-Ba, followed by an enormous commentary unpacking the significance of each word.

Life of the BuddhaThe root text is one of the best known and most highly regarded specimens of the Tibetan genre of writing concerning the tenets of philosophical schools belonging to India. The endeavor of the work is to identify and refute both philosophical and innate misconceptions that cloud our perception of the true nature of all phenomena. This is done against a semi-historical background of analyzing the tenets propounded by various Buddhist and Non-Buddhist philosophical schools.

The root text itself is relatively short - about thirty pages. Most of the book is a lengthy commentary pieced together by Professor Hopkins from a variety of sources.

It is extremely valuable resource. Few will be the brave souls who read this work cover to cover, but it will serve the student of Gelukpa as an vast and learned treasure-trove of interpretation and insight. It is a testimony to the astonishing breadth of persistence of Professor Hopkins' study, and students of Buddhist philosophy are in his debt.
— From back cover

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