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Thursday, 12 December 2019 21:21

Natural Intelligence

Light Comes Through - coverLight Comes Through
- Buddhist Teachings on Awakening to Our Natural Intelligence
— by Dzigar Kongtrul

Buddhahood - says Dzigar Kongtrül - is nothing but an unobstructed experience of the nature of mind, boundlessly spacious and limitlessly compassionate. The trick is that in order to see the mind accurately, we must use the particular aspect of mind he calls natural intelligence. Natural intelligence enables us to discriminate between what helps or hinders us. But most of all, it’s the part of us that searches for happiness and meaning. In Light Comes Through , he shows us how to skillfully use our wish for happiness as a tool in awakening to the joyous wisdom of mind.


Amitabha's rainbow bodyFriend and teacher of the high-profile author Pema Chödrön, Tibetan Buddhist lama Kongtrül grew up in a monastic environment and received broad training in Buddhist doctrine. Steadily gaining in sophistication in its three sections, this slender book has wisdom for practitioners of all levels.

The first part lays bare the five self-centered emotions of jealousy, aggression, attachment, arrogance and stupidity. The second, which delves into working with others, offers fresh material on working with a teacher, as well as understanding the pull of our emotions and thoughts in everyday relationships. The final part, on emptiness, is more suited to advanced practitioners who are ready to embrace esoteric teachings.

Kongtrül's primary mission is to help readers train their minds in wisdom. There is a comforting bravery in his thinking about the difference between trying to arrange the world according to our preferences and delighting in the way our experience naturally unfolds.

This slender book has wisdom for practitioners of all levels.
— From Publishers Weekly

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