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Great Gate

The Great Gate for Accomplishing Supreme Enlightenment
– translated by Erik Pema Kunsang

Dharma Wheel with Buddha in centerThe undisputed and timely incarnated great treasure revealer Orgyen Drodul Chokgyur Dechen Shikpo Lingpa, Trinley Drodul Tsal, discovered an ocean-like amount of profound termas. They are linked with the scriptures of the lineage, proven through the logic of the power of fact, adorned with the experience of oral instructions, and imbued with the supreme warmth of wondrous blessings.
— From the Introduction to the first edition

The four texts presented in this book are pertinent to every Vajrayana practitioner. Especially, they form a selection of liturgies and explanations connected with a cycle of teachings revealed in the last century by the great tertön Chokgyur Lingpa (1829–70). These teachings, which fill more than ten volumes of books, are known as Barchey Künsel (The Dispeller of All Obstacles). The texts in The Great Gate form a basis for the preliminary practices a practitioner can undertake when feeling especially devoted to Guru Rinpoche - the Lotus-Born Master.
— From the Preface to the second edition

Clear direct and personal, these teachings lucidly explain the application of key practices in the Vajrayana path, the pinnacle of which is the Great Perfection - the deepest and most undeviating way to attain enlightenment.

The methods of the masters presented in this book focus on the simple approach of a meditator that is saturated with direct, pithy instructions. This is a tradition of plainly and simply stating things as they are, allowing the student to gain personal experience by challenging their intellect and guiding them towards realization.

1995 Edition

The Great Gate - coverThe Great Gate
for Accomplishing Supreme Enlightenment
— translated by Erik Pema Kunsang

A Guide Book to The Preliminary Practices of Lamey Tukdrub Barchey Konsel, The Guru's Heart Practice, Dispeller Of All Obstacles — by Padma Gyurme Kunzang Tekchok Tenpel Ngedon Dewey Dorje Chokley Namgyal.

This terma was discovered when the lord treasure master was twenty years of age, on the tenth day of the waxing part of the ninth month in the Year of the Earth Monkey, from underneath the foot of the nine-faced Great Glorious Wrathful One at the rock of Danyi Khala Rong-go.
— From the Introduction

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