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Wisdom of the Knowing Ones

The Wisdom of the Knowing Ones Gnosticism - the Key to Esoteric Christianity — by Manly P. Hall

This work covers the relationship of Gnostic mysticism to the inner teachings of Plato, the insights of Valentinus, Basilden, Bardaisan and others, magical meanings of talismanic gems, the spiritual glory of Alexandria and the Gnostic essence of the Christian message.

Illustrated with Gnostic artifacts, this is a must for all those intrigued by this popular subject.

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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 03:55

Bible and Christianity

Bible and Christianity
— Lectures by Manly P. Hall 

1 - Armageddon - War Ends in Peace
2 - Christ in the Realms of the Dead
3 - Christian Gospels Not in the Bible
4 - Christmas, the Day When Divine Love Was Made Flesh
5 - Earth Is the Lords and the Fullness Thereof
... + 10 more

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