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Tuesday, 09 December 2014 03:55

Bible and Christianity

Bible and Christianity — Lectures by Manly P. Hall

  1. Armageddon - War Ends in Peace
  2. Christ in the Realms of the Dead
  3. Christian Gospels Not in the Bible
  4. Christmas, the Day When Divine Love Was Made Flesh
  5. Earth Is the Lords and the Fullness Thereof
  6. Face of Christ and Master of the Blue Cape
  7. Hidden Church of the Holy Grail
  8. Miltons View of Paradise Lost and Regained
  9. New Commandment - Love Thine Enemies
  10. Personal Experience of the Christian Mystery
  11. Reflections on Esoteric Christianity
  12. Resurrection Mystery
  13. St. Paul at the Altar of the Unknown God
  14. St. Paul the Initiate Apostle
  15. The Solar Christmas

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