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Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza — Requiem for Palestine

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Gaza GenocideLegalizing Ethnic CleansingIsraeli War Crimes
Max Igan with various radio hosts — July - August 2014

[updated] The State of Israel is in the process of carrying out a brutal ethnic cleansing of the Gaza strip.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza - A Requiem for Palestine 

There are no words to describe the unprecedented slaughter and brutality being aimed at 1.8million defenseless and besieged Palestinian refugees by the Zionist Terrorists of Nazi Israel in the 2014 Ethnic Cleansing of the Gaza Strip. What we are seeing is an unprecedented bloodbath. The brutal and sadistic murder of people, all civilian, mostly women and children and all innocent of any crime. These innocents are being slaughtered using experimental weapons that maim horribly. Banned chemical weapons, Gas bombs, white phosphorous, DIME Munitions, Fletchette bombs, the use of each, constituting a war crime. Each one of these weapons are being used on children and each are designed to inflict maximum pain and suffering. These exotic weapons are being wielded by a sadistic terrorist army of blood crazed psychopaths who seem to view Palestinians with utter contempt and who are bent on killing as many of them as they can, and in as brutal a manner as they are able. And it is happening while the entire world watches.

There simply are no words.

Max Igan with Chris & Sheree Geo on Truth Frequency Radio — 20 July 2014

And so the last remaining piece of beautiful Palestine and its gentle, almost childlike people is stolen and raped by the Terrorist forces of the Khazar usurpers who have hijacked the holy land of Israel and tricked the world into supporting their cult of death. Modern day Israel and the Khazar terrorists who now control it, are indeed the Synagogue of Satan, unbridled in its blood and glory and the greatest threat to life and freedom that mankind has ever faced.

Israel and its terrorist government MUST be condemned and held for war crimes for its ethnic cleansing of the Gaza strip. AS MUST ANY GOVERNMENT THAT IS IN SUPPORT OF THIS GENOCIDE!

GAZA - The Untold Story

Max Igan on The Vinny Eastwood Show — 23 July 2014

Having been to Gaza and witnessed the destruction first hand, it's a very emotional issue for anyone to explore, Israel has always had the upper hand because the west is often unwilling to put itself int he line of fire to protect Palestinians, which is why it's time to send a large contingent of international activists there to act as the world's largest human shield, but would Israel still bomb Gaza anyway regardless of the potential western casualties and backlash?

Gaza Massacre

Max Igan on Truth News Radio Australia - July25 2014

Gaza Genocide

Max Igan with Chris & Sheree Geo on Truth Frequency Radio — 26 July 2014

Zionist Terrorism in Gaza

Max Igan on Red Ice Radio - 30 July 2014

Crime continues

Max Igan with James Swagger on Capricorn Radio — 13 August 2014

Truth Activism & Humanitarianism

Max Igan with James Swagger on Capricorn TV — 24 August 2014

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